Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The KKS Guide to a Comfy Christmas (through Anime binging) Pt.2


Here's the second installment of our comfy anime to binge on during this month of rest. This time we'll be discussing romance anime that will warm your heart like a hot bowl of soup (made of love).

Between the time of writing this recommendation list and our last one, I've decided to add a "Comfy Meter" to help you guys better visualize how comfy an anime is.

This is usually the first anime people typically recommend to non-anime watchers, and for good reason. TORADORA is an easily accessible anime that doesn't follow a lot of tropes of other romance anime (looking at you KIMI NI TODOKE) except for the MAJOR tsundere female lead, Taiga. Honestly, for a romance anime it isn't exceptionally cheesy or painful to watch (painful as in nothing happens over the course of the anime and the load is blown at the end all the innuendo intended). This is the kind of series that isn't too emotionally draining and can withstand multiple rewatch sessions so it's perfect for those that love watching something they love multiple times.

Comfy level: 4/5


Yeah, yeah it's fan service central with the series (especially Nisemonogatari) but don't let that detract from the series as a whole. It's full of amazing dialogue and one of the few anime that implement a supernatural aspect without being ham-fisted and is always secondary to the relationship of the harem king, I mean, main character. The MONOGATARI series also has my favorite animation style and design choices with its minimalist nature and surreal atmosphere (there doesn't seem to be ANY body else in the world except the main and supporting characters) and is being recommended for this very reason. For those of you that want a dialogue-heavy and atypical anime series (other than its unapologetic fan service) you should check this series out.

Comfy level: 3.5/5

This is another dialogue-heavy anime but isn't as ridden with fan service as the Monogatari series. In fact, it's a great educational anime about the economy, trading, and tension between supporters for the old gods and new. Maybe educational is the best word to describe it but beyond its exposition and romantic subtext, SPICE AND WOLF has an amazing world and rich lore that supports it as a series. It's not super expansive considering it's a two-cour anime but it does well world-building the limited amount of time. This series also has an amazing female lead, Horo (or Holo, however you want to pronounce it) that isn't meek and is extremely sly and crafty. She's a strong wolf-god that don't need no man.

Comfy level: 4/5


This is an amazing anime and not just in terms of comfiness but in its own right. It has broken down many stone-hearted veteran anime watchers and has some of the best character relationship/development of any anime. The first season is mainly for exposition and for the viewer to get the know the characters and sets everything up for the second season which I will not elaborate any more so I don't skew your opinion on the series before watching it. The best way I can describe it as for non-anime watchers is that it is pretty much and animated Korean drama with 3 times the heartbreak. Watch if you feel the need for a good cry.

Comfy level: 4.5/5

Next time, we'll go over some comedy anime so get ready to giggle and guffaw. (Consonance, baby)

Here's are the other genres for your convenience:

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