Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Well, well, I'm not exactly sure what this post will entail but as usual I will just write about whatever it is that is on my mind. It isn't that often anymore that I get the urge to sit down calmly to write my stories like I used to which saddens me to a large extent because I really do want to be an author and write books and share my imagination with the world. I'm not sure why I feel this way but I do want to write, I do want to make a career with my passion for words. The passion and drive is still in me hidden underneath the ever craziness that is the modern world. My curiosity about everything tends to override my wanting to write. I get frustrated easily these days and all means of creativeness fades and I just want to curl up into a ball and hide under my blankets, sharing sweet cuddles with my boyfriend who I love so much. To forget all that is and isn't. I'm always tired from lack of sleep, lack of motivation, lack of wanting to do anything. I'm bored at home while school's out for me.

But what should I do?

I am not depressed or anything, my mind has become that of a butterfly. Fluttering from one idea to the next, gaining interest in something then only to get distracted by something else equally as exciting. Like now, my mind is heavily drawn to Christmas and it's still November. My love for sparkles and happiness is all I think about (that and Jordan because I love him so much and he's always on my mind ^^) I want to dance around and decorate EVERYTHING in my room (including my fish tank) to keep my good mood. I think that it's only an external mood if that makes any sense. Deep inside I'm a little sad still because of everything that has happened this year and I feel that I must conserve my energy but do anything to make my external mood internal as well.

From what I can see in this post is that I still have control on my words as they sound tres good. I was going to say something and now have forgotten :(What the heck was it???? This will bug me for a long 20 minutes or so until I remember. I know that it was something about blogging and Christmas and friends(?) or... something.. I don't even know anymore.

This mind absence is something I have to deal with everyday of my life because my short term memory sucks beyond anything ever and I just hate it so much. I guess this comes with my overactive mind (now I'm waffling away from my original point).

I just remembered what it was about... Anime. Of course. What I wanted to do was in every blog post I make is have a little segment where I write about the anime series' that I'm obsessed with/watching at the moment and I guess for me so I can see how long it takes me to watch something and how many I watch in between each blog post. I think I'll do something similar in my upcoming Youtube videos when I start making them end of this year, next year. I can't wait :)

Okie, starting this thingy doo now :3***

Last week I finished watching SPICE AND WOLF. This anime is about trading and the economy. I found it really informative and at the same time I loved the story that it had about the wolf deity named Holo The Wise Wolf. She had found herself being the main God for a wheat harvesting town but the town people had lost faith in her so she left and hid in a Merchant's cart. This merchant's name was Kraft Lawrence, he agreed to take Holo back to her home in the North and so they begin an adventure together where they explore the economical state their world is in and forge relationships with many people on the way, and in turn grow very close to each other.

Spice and Wolf is a very sweet tale that you can learn a lot from. I liked it a lot.

KuroKami is one that I have only just started watching on friday last week and I like what I've seen so far. Kurokami is about the idea that everybody has two other people who share the same fate and are called Doppeliners. And there are people called Tera Guardians which help keep the balance of the doppeliners because if too many of them meet with their person they will be exterminated and the balance will be wrong. It's a very interesting concept :)

And lastly Cat God (I don't remember the original Japanese title) which I watched a couple episodes on the awesome website CrunchyRoll. So far it is only okay. It's one of those anime series you watch because you're bored and just want to hear something in japanese with cats.

So, to conclude this post I will end with something I really should have started with. I contracted Tonsillitis, went to a birthday party for my 5 year old cousin at her kindergarten. Then on the same night went to my friend Hannah's 18th. And as you can imagine, there was lots of drunken teenagers which made me sad and uncomfortable that I burst into tears when my friend Cody passed out and puked everywhere. So as you can tell from this, I didn't drink because the smell of Alcohol on everybodys breath made me sick as it smells so strongly to me. I, for one, am a very sensory person and my senses tend to be magnified in certain situations.

And then on Monday I woke up with red dots on the roof of my mouth which were identified as blisters on my mouth and some appeared on my fingers.. a trip to see the nurse yesterday confirmed that I have Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease... yay.. not.

So for the week I'm stuck at home being shunned by my family so they don't get it. I have the weird urge to infect everyone I see (LOL). I don't have a fever as of yet. But until then..

..Lots of Love, Cats and Sunshine~~

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