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Issue #20September 1, 2013North Republic Industries "We speak the truth" THE MESSENGER, WHAT'S HAPPENING?

Well that's right you are wondering what in the world is happening not only to The Messenger but to the entire paper industry. Well we can't say but we can tell you that the Allied Republican was criticized for one of it's main articles and not placing in ads and interviews and that Obito has made a tip about the paper

Industry, "the messenger speaks the truth, the allied republican speaks their mind, and the patriot speaks softly and carries a big stick.", this pretty much says it all and I also include to talking softly to not talking that much at all. But this tip put it very well for the companies. As you can see here we speak the truth.

Now as you may have seen The Messenger was working on getting new writers in and getting the paper on a schedule and getting to a newer height, that however has been messy and long. We really don't know even if the whole plan will work out but we can assure that The Messenger will stay in some form for a long time, be that with just Lewis and Daniel or with others. However we are still open to those who wish to write for the paper and hope that we can get some new writers in here so that maybe we can publish more often.

We'd also like to apologize for the lateness of this issue and to those orders that we just couldn't fill on time. ANIME CONVENTION That's right as you may know I went to an Anime Convention on the 25th. This was my second time attending one and my second time going to the same one. It was a great thing, very fun time, much better than my first time where I was ever so nervous. Even though I was still a little nervous at least in the start. The convention was on for three days Friday to Sunday, however I went to it on Sunday. I heard that Saturday was a mad house and it cost $40 that day so, Sunday was still big, bigger than last year, and it only cost $20. Last year I sat in on a Panel which had Ian Sinclair and I'm sorry to say that I forget the other guy. It was a great panel lots of fun talking about voice action and other things. This year however I didn't go to any, I was going to go to a Q&A but it looked like it was set up in a person to person Q&A and there was a bed in there.

Last year all I bought was a wall scroll of Holo from Spice and Wolf, which I have yet to hang up. This year I did buy Urahara's hat, a Spice and Wolf button, two badges of fan art, and a grab bag. In the Grab bag I got a Pokemon bag, chopsticks, tea, and a fan. All in all I really liked it and next year I'm sure I'll buy more. For cosplayers, last year I saw one who really stood out and it was good it was Japan from Hetalia, lot of Hetalia last year too, this year there were some good ones like Roy Mustang, however there were also some that were questionable, like a 6ft-7 guy with a beer gut cosplaying a girl.

All in all I loved it and next year I hope that I can get a room and actually go all three days, or at least two. I also encourage all of you to also find a convention and go.


No, It Wasn't This Easy

Well as you should know, the Elections are over as well as the run-offs and we can all rest easy until the Mid-terms which are right around the corner. The Presidential election was a close one all the way through, we had Crescellia and Lewis and Daniel, Libertarian Washing and Mytzonia, and The Northern Republic and Icamera. In the first round, Crescellia and Lewis and Daniel failed to make it to the run-off. The race between Libertarian Washington and The Northern Republic started and it was close. Libertarian Washington had 16 votes, getting 45.7% of the vote and then The Northern Republic with 19 votes, getting 54.3% of the vote. This was a very close election and if it shows any thing it's that maybe the region would like some change and other ideas. This will be however TNR's last term as President and will be mediated to rest one term period, and it is doubtful that he will run after that. This means that the next General Elections, which should be in October, will be a very competitive one and one to remember.

In the Delegate race, we had Britarvia, Western Timpitoia, and Imperium all running. This made it one of the better Delegate races that we've seen in a long while. Britariva won with a good amount the votes, having 21 and getting 53.8% of them, Imperium following with 11 votes at 28.2% and then Western Timpitotia falling last getting 7 votes at 17.9%.

The Senate races we only had 3 seats available, which means that no one resigned or was removed which is good, however this was a fierce race having 12 candidates and only 3 seats. West Ying and Andune won two of the three seats, having a run-off with the last one. It had Emmanuel Bassil, Obito, and Hunteiria all in it, with Emmanuel Bassil winning. We now have our senators! I wonder who the next speaker will be. COSMO RADIO! IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD! That's right as you may know the hottest thing around, besides anime that is and maybe some other things, is Cosmo Radio. Hosted by Obito this Radio station has been getting off on a great start having recorded 4 episodes already and having sold many slots in it's program. Cosmo Radio isn't just about mindless ramblings and all fun and games, it will also discuss some serious stuff and be serious sometimes as well. The Radio has seen much support for it and it has been doing quite well. So it is reasonable to believe that this station will stay around for quite sometime and with some great support as well. One question is, if it will surpass Liberty Radio, and well only time can answer that one. Let's hope that it continues to be the best that it can!

SOME LATE ANNIVERSARIES !!! Well we missed some anniversaries that are pretty important, that's right they deal with North Republic Industries and The Messenger. As some of you older folks may well remember it was July 28, 2012 when North Republic Industries was founded by Lewis and Daniel, current CEO of the Company. Since then NRI has been working hard to provide the best that it can and to add to the betterment of the entire market place. While some of it's companies faded others prospered to great bounds. We'd like to thank you for a good year and hope that this next one will be even better.

Now that's not all, The Messenger came out with it's first Issue July 25, 2012 by Lewis and Daniel, current Editor-in-Chief, and not only that but this will be our 20th publication of the paper yet another milestone. While we have faltered we have continued to write and make a name for ourselves. It has been a good year and we wish to thank you for it and hope that this next one will be even better!

ADVERTISEMENTS Join the Church of Northerntal. We also always looking for new members for the Clergy.

The Church of Northerntal can fulfill requests such as marriages, funerals, blessings, and etc.

So We hope to see you at Cathedral of the Light here in TAR or one of our other locations.

Thank you

Read Lewis and Daniel's blog - The Lewis and Daniel of Anime!

This ends Issue #20 of The Messenger. We have come a long way because of your support! We thank you for reading and hope that you will read the issues to come. And Thanks to all of you who have said that The Messenger is better that the Imperial Tabloids it means a lot, and we hope that you will continue this support forever and always. We are right now the #2 News out there!

If you have any comments please feel free to post. If you would like an advertisement in The Messenger the please contact NRI and we can work something out. Also if you want to write your own article in The Messenger then contact NRI or the Chief-in-Editor
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