Friday, August 23, 2013

Okay, even Grumpy Shizuo would like this one (Robotics;Notes)

Hello again!! Shizuo's still gone, I think he said he was going to Koyasan to visit an old friend Oo. Anyway, I went and looked back through Shizuo's more recent posts, and Spice and Wolf totally deserves a higher mark. Four out of five from me, anyway.

Celty said I should pick something I think Shizuo would actually like this week, so I'm going to talk about Robotics;Notes, because it has intrigue, romance, and for Shizuo, giant robots, explosions, and a death toll. It actually feels a little bit like it's trying to please everyone. It has characters that fit well into stereotypes, and there are the young love elements, but there's also a big overarching plot and mystery. I think it works really well.

It's a really recent release, so it might have a sequel, but it's pretty complete the way it is. It's produced by noitaminA and released in North America by Funimation.

So there are two main characters, really. There's Akiho Senomiya (Aki), a high school senior who heads up the robotics club, and her close friend Kaito Yashio (Kai).

Aki's dream is to build a giant robot, and Kai reluctantly tags along mostly because he promised Aki's older sister Misa he'd take care of her.

There's a whole cast of characters that would all fit nicely into a more formulaic anime. There's the doll-like Augmented Reality girl Airi Yukufune, the terrified of robots little karate-girl, Junna Daitoku, and the hentai shut-in programmer girl with a troubled past, Frau Koujiro.




But it never settles into any kind of pattern, and the troubled past that leads to the overarching plot shows how everything is all interrelated -- and all related to a guy named Kou Kimijima.

There's also a lot of super cool sci-fi stuff in it. Like the AR stuff, and the giant robots, and a plot to decimate the world's population led by a shadowy cabal who lust after world domination.

Aki and Kai have... well I won't call them super-powers, but they have something wrong with them. Aki get's the short end of the stick and when she has an attack she perceives the world in super-fast-motion, so she only gets one frame in ten or something. Kai's is more like a super power because he gets super-slow-motion, where the whole world seems to go very slowly, but his brain doesn't, so he can react really quickly and accurately. That's what makes him so good at controlling robots -- in the video game called "KILL BALLAD" and after that in the real world.

There are also other characters. Misa, Aki's absent older sister she's always trying to live up to; Subaru Hidaka, whose father is really upset he's into robots and doesn't want to be a fisherman like him; Doc, the owner of the robot clinic, and Junna's grandfather; --actually, now that I think about it, it's all about family, and trying to heal the rifts between family members. Even Frau's troubled past storyline is about her missing mother.

Agghh, it's so hard to write about without giving away any of the plot! But it all fits together really nicely and I'll say again that I think even Shizuo would give it a four out of five. Celty agrees. So with that I'm going to hand things back over to Shizuo, who's supposed to get back soon.

Thanks for reading! Shinra out! Bye!
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